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CleanSeat Duds for Suds

As parents, we found that our high chairs, dining chairs and car seats needed protection from food, spills, dirt and moisture. We tried using towels to protect the chairs but they always had to be folded, they never matched anything and spills often went through. Out of this frustration, we decided to design a line of products that were like towels but easier to use and more effective at protecting.


All CleanSeat products have a top layer of soft terry velour and a second layer of material, waterproof or other, to provide maximum protection. They make life simpler because they eliminate time consuming clean-ups. Each product is made in high quality fabrics, which are all machine washable.


CleanSeat products are different than others because they're so simple to use. Each product installs in seconds requiring no special fitting and they remove just as fast for easy care.


So protect your investment!


Use CleanSeat to keep your furniture and automobile looking new.

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The Duds for Suds line of baby products offers products that are classic in style, high in quality and are reasonably priced. Our products are made in terry fabrics that are soft and luxurious. Most products are offered in white with a large selection of trim colors to choose from. This allows for customization with embroidery in many matching colors.


We offer some colors and patterns as well.


Duds for Suds consists of hooded towels, matching wash mitts, hooded bathrobes, infant bibs and over-the-head bibs. All are available in a variety of trim colors.

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