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The Duds for Suds line of baby products offers products that are classic in style, high in quality and are reasonably priced. Our products are made in terry fabrics that are soft and luxurious. Most products are offered in white with a large selection of trim colors to choose from.


This allows for customization with embroidery in many matching colors. We offer some colors and patterns as well. Duds for Suds consists of hooded towels, matching wash mitts, hooded bathrobes, infant bibs and over-the-head bibs. All are available in a variety of trim colors.


Hooded Bathrobe

Our bathrobes are made in 100% cotton, very soft terry velour. Robes come in combo sizes so you get more use from these high quality garments. Belts are attached so they don’t get lost. Available in white terry velour with a choice of 11 trim colors, blue terry velour with blue gingham trim and pink terry velour with pink gingham trim. Sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6.


Hooded Towel
& Wash Mitt

Made in very soft, high quality 100% cotton terry, our hooded towel is extra large, 32” x 36”. Comes in white terry with a choice of 11 trim colors, blue terry with blue gingham trim and pink terry with pink gingham trim.

Matching wash mitt is included.



These oversize bibs are 11” x 14” offering maximum coverage. Our bib is made in a stretch terry with a cotton rib collar so that it fits easily over babies head. Available in white with a choice of 11 trim colors.


Infant Bib

This bib is made in soft, 100% cotton terry velour and has open neck with Velcro closure making it easy to put on and to take off. Comes in white with either blue gingham or pink gingham trim.

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