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CleanSeat Products Duds for Suds Products

CleanSeat seat and chair covers are designed to protect the everyday products you’ve invested in so that they stay looking new.  We designed our products to solve everyday problems like keeping seats of various types clean.  Each product is made so they’re easy to use.  They’re not like other products that are made as replacement covers or permanent covers, although ours can be used that way.  We use soft, durable materials so that our products are comfortable and effective at the same time.  Most items are made using our 2-layer system, which offers comfort and maximum protection.


CleanSeatPlease take a look at our CleanSeat products and see how their simple design makes life easier while protecting your investment!



Available CleanSeat Products:

• Dining Chair Protector

• Fitness Towel

• High Chair Cover Protector

• Vehicle Seat Protecture

Duds for Suds started as line of products for bathing and swimming.  We make classic styles in high quality fabrics that are soft and comfortable.  Unlike other similar products we keep our designs simple, without the addition of animal heads and fancy fabric trims.  They’re made like a fine hotel robe that’s soft and luxurious.  Other products like our bibs are also made to the highest standards for quality and comfort.  Although many of our products are made in white with colorful trims, some products are available in colors and prints. 


Please look over our Duds for Suds products and see our classic styling for babies and toddlers.



Available CleanSeat Products:

• Camouflage Hooded Bathrobes

• Hooded Bathrobes

• Hooded Towel & Wash Mitt Gingham

• Hooded Towel & Wash Mitt

• Infant Bib

• Over-the-head-Bibb


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